TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC. 73/TPK TI-73 Explorer Graphing Calculators with fraction capabilities (Teacher Kit Pack of 10)

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Product Description


Teacher Pack contains ten (10) units, five (5) unit-to-unit cables, 40 AAA batteries; one (1) manual, one (1) poster and teacher activity guide

TI-73 Explorer™ Teacher Pack

Graphing calculator designed for middle grades math and science.

Ideal for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Statistics and Physical Science. 
Permitted and/or recommended for use on SAT, PSAT/NMSQT and AP exams.*
Flash technology for upgrading and loading future applications
Math Explorer features enhanced with the power of a graphing calculator
Seven statistical plots including pictograph, pie charts, bar charts and more
Stacked fractions
Fraction capability includes step-by-step simplification and operations
Conversions between fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals
Integer division shows results as quotients and remainders
Four constant features
English and metric conversions

Graph Explorer Software Functionality:

Stacked fractions.
Seven (7) statistical plots: pictographs, pie charts, bar charts, and more.
Scrollable home screen.
Four (4) constant features.
English and metric conversions.
Compatible with the Calculator-Based Laboratory™ (CBL2™) and Calculator-Based Ranger™ (CBR™) Systems to allow collection and analysis of real-world data.
Applications available from TI, Sunburst Software, and others.
More advanced functions accessed through pull-down menus.
14-digit accuracy displayed to 10-digits with 2-digit exponent.
Graphs four (4) functions simultaneously.
Send and receive lists and variables to and from the TI-82, TI-83 and TI-83 Plus.
Up to seven (7) graph styles: thin, thick, animate, animate with path, and more.
User-defined list names, stores up to 999 elements.
Thirteen (13) zoom features.
Function evaluation table.
List-based one and two-variable statistics including linear, quadratic, exponential, med-median, and manual-fit regression models.
Three (3) statistical plot set-ups.
Interactive equation solver.
Alphabetical CATALOG of all calculator operations in one menu.
Programming capabilities.
Display indicates when fraction can be simplified.
Shows common factor used during simplification.
Enter your own factor during simplification.
Change improper fractions to mixed numbers.
Simplifies fractions.
Fraction/decimal conversions.
Combinations and permutations.
Random number generator.
Logs and antilogs.
Convert angles from degrees to radians.
%, x², 1/x, sqrtx, y², xsqrty, and x!.
Fixed decimal capability.
AOS: × and ÷ before + and - .

TI-73 Explorer Hardware Features:

ILarge 64 × 96 pixel screen.
8-line × 16-character, easier-to-read LCD display.
I/O port for linking and data collection.
Uses TI-82/83 ViewScreen LCD panel.
32K bytes RAM with 25K user-available. 128K of application space (with OS v. 1.60)
TI-GRAPH LINK™ software accessory allows information to be transferred to a computer and printed or stored on disk.
Unit-to-unit link cable included.
Powered by four (4) AAA batteries with lithium battery backup.
Impact-resistant slide case.
Built extra-durable for middle school use.
Teacher Pack includes Ten (10) TI handhelds, 1 guidebook, classroom poster, and activity book.
Calculator poster available.
One-year limited warranty.

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